December 26, 2017

Haven't posted anything in months.  So here goes:  We are still working on the next album.  It is almost done.  The title is "Movement to Egalitaria".  Google it.  Many wonderful musicians on it.   The same as the last cd with Karen and Norbert Stachel, Renato Thoms, Mike O'Brien, Dan Gonzalez, Gary Fisher, Will Bernard, Melissa Rodnon, Siavash Haghtalab, Ivan Bodley, and Dave Solomon.  Now we have several new players:  Axel Laugart, Yunior Terry, Richie Flores, Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr., Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom, Ricky Encarnacion, Edsel Gomez, Carlos Chong, John Benitez and Francis Benitez, Pete Escovedo and Peter Michael Escovedo, Mike Stern, Bob Lanzetti, Lonnie Plaxico, Nanny Assis, Peter Washington, and last and certainly not least, Lenny White.  Can you dig it!

Got to be done any day now.

Notice the number of families on this album?