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Have to mention the photo session we did last month with Chris Drukker.  The three of us hoofed around North Harlem for two whole days taking so many photos.  It was worth the work (getting up at 7am to get the right light.)  The new cd will have several of those photos.  The new one at the top of this page is one of Chris's.  Chris is the bomb!


Haven't posted anything in months.  So here goes:  We are still working on the next album.  It is almost done.  The title is "Movement to Egalitaria".  Google it.  Many wonderful musicians on it.   The same as the last cd with Karen and Norbert Stachel, Renato Thoms, Mike O'Brien, Dan Gonzalez, Gary Fisher, Will Bernard, Melissa Rodnon, Siavash Haghtalab, Ivan Bodley, and Dave Solomon.  Now we have several new players:  Axel Laugart, Yunior Terry, Richie Flores, Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr., Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom, Ricky Encarnacion, Edsel Gomez, Carlos Chong, John Benitez and Francis Benitez, Pete Escovedo and Peter Michael Escovedo, Mike Stern, Bob Lanzetti, Lonnie Plaxico, Nanny Assis, Peter Washington, and last and certainly not least, Lenny White.  Can you dig it!

Got to be done any day now.

Notice the number of families on this album?

Post Gigs 

Well, we are resting from the past hectic days of gigging.  The Wallace Roney Universe Orchestra at NJPAC was really a nice concert.  The people there treated us very well.  The audience was appreciative.  All of the musicians involved seemed to feel a sense of honor to be involved in this project.  It has been about 5 years since the orchestra started and last Thursday felt like the beginning of the next chapter.   Look forward to its future.

The Side Door gig ...wow... What a perfect jazz venue.  It is intimate, classy, yet unpretentious.  The staff is very professional and courteous.  Ken the owner cares about the music, the musicians and the audience.  We hope to be back there again.

Get ready 

Preparing for the upcoming gigs at NJPAC with the Wallace Roney Orchestra and the LehCats gig at the Side Door in Old Lymn Connecticut ... talk amongst yourselves

Home from the West Coast Tour 

We are resting from the last tour to the Bay Area.  It was a success.  Almost all of the performances were with these players:

Karen Stachel, Flute
Norbert Stachel, Sax
Matt Clark, Piano
Jeff Tamelier, Guitar
DeWayne Pate, Bass
Karl Perazzo, Percussion
Dan Gonzalez, Drums
Tony Lindsay, Vocals

Derrick Hughes, Vocals

We played at Yoshi's in Oakland the first night.  Nice size crowd.  Many friends and family.  The next night we played at the Fenix Lounge in San Rafael, CA.  This time we had Derrick Hughes on vocals.

Friday night we played at Armando's in Martinez, CA. Such a great venue to hear and play music.  Sunday we were at Cafe Pink House in Sarasota.  Our last gig was at Cafe Stritch in San Jose.  There we had Deszon Claiborne on drums.  We had a blast and we are already planning our next tour to the  Bay Area in October!  Hope to see you then.


By Wouter Kellerman 

'LOST AND FOUND' is well arranged with great musicianship. Reggae music is hard to resist and here too, 'JAMAICA EXPRESS' is pulling you in with the great feel. I loved the soft caressing sound of 'TACOMA RAIN' really exquisite and the extravaganza dished out in 'NATIONS AND RESTORATION'! Stunning album!

Live @ The Falcon 

What a beautiful venue!  The place is perfect to hear your favorite artists; nice stage, nice sound system, nice sound man, Tony Falco.  The setting is idyllic upstate New York with a deck overlooking a soothing waterfall.  The food is prepared with love and the staff and management were so helpful and considerate.  Can't wait to play there again!

Gig at Club Bonafide 

Did the gig a few hours ago at Club Bonafide.  We had a great time!  The band was:

Karen Stachel - Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute and Singing Bowl
Norbert Stachel - Soprano and Tenor Sax
David Solomon - Guitar
Gary Fisher - Piano
Mike O'Brien - Bass
Dan Gonzalez - Drums
Renato Thoms - Percussion

Thank you to the people who came by.  See you next time!

LehCats - Out Of The Bag 

LehCats is premiering the new music from our new CD “LehCats Out Of The Bag”.  It is an album of all original compositions.  The style is jazz based with elements of world, latin, funk, blues and R & B.  We have a fantastic lineup of musicians joining us to help us bring this music to your ears.

This is our new video.  We hope you like it!

"I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over.  Out on the edge you can see all kinds of things you can't see from the center." ...Kurt Vonnegut