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The Lafayette Bar

We performed at The LaFayette Bar in Easton, PA, December 15, 2023.  What a great venue.  A true jazz crowd.  Can't wait to return!  We will be back in the spring!


Last night we performed at Minton's.  I felt as if I had played on the stage many times before but it was the first time.  Thanks to everybody who showed up!

55 Bar - Pre Covid

55 Bar Gig, 2019 Norbert Stachel, Karen Stachel, Dave Solomon, Dan Gonzalez, Edsel Gomez, Eddy Khaimovitch

A Gig!

March 13th, 7:pm , Room 623, 271 W 119th St , New York, NY 10026, (Downstairs).  This is our first gig of the year 2020!  We hope to see you there! Rubin Rodriguez on bass, Edsel Gomez on piano, Dan…