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LehCats - Out Of The Bag


“Out Of The Bag” is LehCats new debut album released in 2016, one of all original compositions written by Norbert Stachel and Karen Stachel. Three songs, Can You Share A Moment, Nations, and Slow March To The Showers Of No Return, were co-written with Norbert and Paul Hanson.

  1. 1 Slow March to the Showers of No Return 08:40 Info
  2. 2 Lost and Found 07:10 Info
  3. 3 Can You Share a Moment 07:15 Info
  4. 4 Tacoma Rain 07:49 Info
  5. 5 Nations and Restoration 18:33 Info
  6. 6 Midtown Madness 04:22 Info
  7. 7 Just Cause 05:24 Info
  8. 8 Jamaica Express 07:26 Info

'Norbert Stachel and his wife Karen along with the other talented musicians who make up the band LehCats are in their element with this marvelous album. Some of the tracks I especially loved are "Slow March to the Showers of No Return" is somber and heavy piece that mesmerized. "Lost and Found" is a folk sounding track with a great flute performance. "Can You Share a Moment" is a joyous and the piccolo in this track is so very well played :-) The Flute in contrast provides a husky, very earthy sound....loved it! "Tacoma Rain" with its ambient sounds is another wonderful composition and the romance of the track just wrapped its cloak around me :-).  "Midtown Madness" has a frantic pace to it, the winding melody captivating. Stachel's saxophone improvisations are magnificent! Another track I'd like to mention here is "Just Cause", the piano is wonderful and tenor saxophone and flute are blended into a gorgeous amalgam :-). Out of the Bag is a jazz musician's dream come true. The compositions are all fantastic and the production of this album is exceptional :-):-) :-)'

Ricky Kej
2015 Grammy Award Winner
Best World Music Album


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