From the recording Movement to Egalitaria

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Karen Stachel – C Flute, Vocal
Norbert Stachel – Tenor Saxophone (solo)
Edsel Gomez – Piano (solo)
Renato Thoms – Congas and Guiro
Peter Washington – Acoustic Bass (solo)
Mike O’Brien – Acoustic Bass (Cha Cha Section)
Lenny White – Drums


As I pick up my bag
I make one last look
At the place that kept me safe
and warm from the world
And took my cares away.

Should I stay in this place
That’s been home for so long.
No not anymore
My life must change now
It’s time to say goodbye.


Change happens to those who can face it.
Embrace it.
Trust in myself that I’ll know
how to make it
and fly.
Let my soul.
How am I gonna let go?

Look straight ahead
Give myself space to contemplate
in the days to come
what’s in store.
Sad dreams sad dreams no more.

Goodbye Elgin Park
There’s a part of you that lives in my heart.